the Firth of Tay - the view upriver to the railway bridge from the road bridge
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The Silvery Tay

The photographs shown here cover the Firth of Tay from just below Perth to its emergence into the North Sea at Tayport, with some exploration of the hinterlands of Fife and the Carse of Gowrie also.

They were taken over a period of twenty years or so, which is no more than a heartbeat in the life of this river. Yet I noticed when collating these photographs that many would now be impossible to repeat. Boats have sunk, trees fell in storms and grass has given way to concrete and brick. Perhaps most significant is the absence of hard winters now. The images here of an icebound bridge taken in the winter of '82 seem unlikely ever to be repeated.

The images here are also not only a catalogue of prints available - though print orders are very welcome. They are also a celebration of this beautiful river which flows past my studio window. I hope you enjoy them.