The photographs and artworks in the galleries are available as prints, in sizes from A4 (12"x8") up to A1 (24"x36"). This is the paper size - the image itself will have a minimum border of 2 - 4cm, depending on the overall size.

Sizes possible are determined by aspect ratio, and to a large extent by the original image source. The photographs were created with a wide variety of materials and cameras from 35mm to medium format and digital over a 20 year period, so inevitably there is variation in resolution and granularity. Though the images tend to dictate their optimum sizes on aesthetic grounds in any case, the title suffixes* which indicate the film format can act as a very rough guide to the quality available, with 67 and 66 providing very sharp and smooth images that will enlarge to A2 and more. Mono 35mm can be very sharp also, but old high speed 35 colour negative tended to be very grainy, though this can also be part of the image's sucess.

The images are produced on the highest quality matt art paper using the latest archival inks. This results in a print that will typically last for over a 100 years before tone and colour shifts become apparent - a performance that comfortably excedes that offered by offset litho and silver based colour photography systems.

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