The images in the Bookcover galleries were commissioned as covers for the fantasy and science-fiction markets, for authors including Ursula le Guin, Michael Moorcock, Jack Vance and AA Attanasio.

Nearly all were created using traditional methods: acrylic paint and inks on watercolour board, usually of around 20"x30" inches. Only a couple of works here are wholly digital, though that has now become the preferred way of working. Although the original titles were often imaginative and enigmatic, a simple numbering system is used to identify them here. The suffix D indicates the image shown is a detail, usually being the right hand side of a wrap-round cover, i.e. the front cover.

Using a computer has also generated some new skills which have resulted in a variety of work for both print and the internet, some which can be seen on the Digital & Design page. Secondary rights (and in in one or two cases first) remain available for most uses. Originals and prints are also mostly available, in sizes depending on the original, up to 30"x24", on high quality art paper, using archival inks. These prints will last longer than 100 years if appropriately framed.

The Lyonesse Trilogy by Jack Vance - Suldrun's Garden, The Green Pearl and Madouc - are available as a set, and can be previewed here: Lyonesse